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Dr. Gwendolyn Steffen posing with a black lab at Companion Animal Medical Centre.

Dr. Gwendolyn Steffen, DVM

Even as a child living in rural Campbell County, Dr. Gwendolyn Steffen has always known she wanted to become a veterinarian.

She graduated from Northern Kentucky University with her BS and then traveled abroad to receive her DVM from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine.

While studying abroad in the dual island nation of St. Christopher and Nevis, Dr. Steffen became interested in how other countries and cultures approach caring for animals.

Led by her desire to provide the best possible care to her patients, Dr. Steffen sought additional and continuing education in both America and other countries. During her studies and travels, she learned of holistic treatment options she felt could greatly benefit the animals in her care when combined with traditional veterinary medicine.

Dr. Steffen founded Companion Animal Medical Centre with the goal of incorporating these holistic modalities into her practice. Through the use of holistic treatments combined with traditional medical care, she has created a veterinary practice where she can care for animals as a whole rather than only treating injury or illness.

Committed to Giving Back

Beyond her work at Companion Animal Medical Centre, Dr. Steffen often donates her time and expertise to give back to her local community.

She has provided relief work to veterinary hospitals and contributes to local animal shelters in the tri-state area by donating her time to aid with procedures such as spays and neuters.

In 2009, she established The Blu Cat Benefit, an esteemed annual fundraising event that benefits local no-kill, non-profit animal rescues. She continues her work with 501c3 no-kill sanctuaries and rescues to this day by donating and providing her skills and services.

Holistic Modalities

Dr. Steffen remains passionate about the use of holistic treatment options alongside traditional medical care.

She has expanded her practice at Companion Animal Medical Centre to offer treatments such as Class IV Laser Therapy, Magnetic Resonance Therapy, and Ozone Therapy.

Her functional approach to medicine incorporates holistic modalities such as massage and chiropractic care, nutritional and supplemental support, and alternative therapies into traditional medical care to treat the underlying causes of illnesses or provide relief to pets who failed to respond to only traditional medical treatment.

To date, Dr. Steffen is the only veterinarian in the United States certified in Chiro + Kinesiology and only the 4th veterinarian in the US to be authorized to use the Magnesphere.

She has extensive training in the use of nutraceutical product lines and has over 100 hours of continuing education in cannabinoid therapy and nutritional diets for companion animals suffering from cancer.

In her personal life, Dr. Steffen has adopted an Ayurvedic Medicine life style which focuses on healing the body as a whole through practices such as meditation, yoga, and restful sleep. She hopes to incorporate these teachings into her services at CAMC in the future.


Other associations that Dr. Steffen belongs to include The American Veterinary Medical Association, The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, The American Association of Feline Practitioners, and The Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Veterinary Medical Associations.

Ashley Kelleher posing with a pitbull that is wearing a graduation cap at his training school graduation.

Ashley Kelleher, Veterinary Technician

Ashley was raised in Loveland, OH, and has wanted to work with animals for as long as she can remember. She is going to school for business and to become a vet tech.

Her pets currently include dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters!

Along with her pets, Ashley has a beautiful daughter who loves animals just as much as she does. She is excited to start her career of animal care with the team at Companion Animal Medical Centre.

CAMC staff member Mya Kinder

Mya Kinder, Veterinary Assistant

Alongside Megan, Mya is the newest staff member at CAMC and we’re very excited to welcome her to the team.

She joined CAMC in 2022.

Mya was raised in Goshen, OH and like many of the staff at Companion Animal Medical Centre, she has loved animals since she was a child. She plans to continue her education while working at CAMC and become a registered veterinary technician in the future. 

She’s welcomed many animals into her home that she cares for greatly. She is the proud owner of 4 guinea pigs, a rat, a dog, and a cat.

Vincent Clark in a green shirt and with a furry kitten on his shoulder

Vincent Clark, Veterinary Practice Manager

Vince is a native Cincinnatian and has always had a love for animals, and that is shown through his 7 pets. Vince has 2 dogs, 4 cats, and a freshwater aquarium. He attended Northern Kentucky University and Cincinnati State but always struggled to find his true calling until he came to work for Dr. Gwendolyn Steffen DVM in February of 2015.

Vince has worked his way up from a Receptionist to a Veterinary Assistant and loves working with companion animals. He hopes to continue to better himself in the veterinary field.

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