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Our practice is growing! We specialize in holistic and traditional care for cats and dogs.

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Companion Animal Medical Centre is Hiring!

Companion Animal Medical Centre is looking for professionals who want to be part of a team that provides outstanding service to its customers – cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, and their owners!

The following positions are available:

  • Registered Veterinary Technician
  • Certified Veterinary Practice Manager
  • Part-time Veterinarian

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Show us you are serious by speaking with our practice manager, or even Dr. Steffen herself. After a quick conversation, we will ask you to send your resume and references.

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Current Available Positions Details

Job Title

Registered Veterinary Technician

Job Description

The veterinary technician needs to aide Dr. Gwendolyn Steffen DVM in running her practice and caring for the pet patients (dogs and cats only).

We offer a fun, team-orientated work environment where no 2 days are alike! Plus, we’re only open Monday through Thursday so you can enjoy a 3-day weekend every weekend!

Employment Type

Full-time positions are available.


$18 – $25 an hour based on experience.


  • Anesthesia induction
  • Endotracheal intubation
  • Monitoring vital signs and obtaining T.P.R
  • Placement of IV catheters
  • Intravenous, intramuscular, and subcutaneous administration of certain medications
  • Venipuncture and cystocentesis
  • Suturing wounds
  • Performing dental prophylaxis
  • Administering controlled substances
  • Removing sutures, drains, and staples
  • Implanting microchips
  • Taking radiographs
  • Using proper restraints
  • Processing laboratory samples
  • Administering non-rabies vaccinations and other subcutaneous injections
  • Administering oral and topical medications
  • Administering class IV laser therapy and ozone treatments


3 references.

Education Requirements

All are welcome to apply!

Experience Requirements

1-year experience with a veterinary practice preferred.

Call (513) 999-2262 To Apply