Companion Animal Medical Centre was founded with the goal of providing compassionate and personalized holistic and traditional medical care to every cat and dog that visits our practice.

No two pets are identical, especially when it comes to preventative care, illness, or injury, and the team at CAMC has long believed medical care should never be approached as a one-size-fits-all solution. Each pet is unique and deserving of the best medical care we can provide them.

A happy dog sitting among Spring wildflowers

We’re pleased to announce we’re overhauling our business and offering updated business hours and a new staff structure in 2024 to allow us to provide both you and your pets with a more intimate and personal approach when they visit CAMC. This change in business hours will include longer appointment times for your pets and a smaller staff.

We have made this change with the goal of providing pets and pet owners more one-on-one time with Dr. Steffen during appointments and to allow both you and your pets the opportunity to truly get to know every staff member at Companion Animal Medical Centre.

This change in business hours and longer appointment times means we’ll have more time for extra thorough exams, allowing for even more customized treatment options, and more time to speak with pet owners and answer any questions they have.

Though we will be operating with a smaller staff, great care has been taken to ensure we will always have the staff on hand needed to provide your pet with the care they need. Caring for your pet is our top priority and you never need to fear there will be no one available to assist your pet.

Our new business hours will be 9am to 12pm on Monday and Friday for emergencies and holistic treatments and 8am to 6pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for standard appointments, holistic treatments, and surgeries.

We look forward to implementing this exciting change and cannot wait to spend more time with your pets!