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COVID-19 Update

While we are concerned about COVID-19, we are open and accepting new customers.

The health and safety of all is very important to Companion Animal Medical Centre.

Please know we are following all recommended guidelines to ensure we are doing our part.

Yes. We are keeping 6 feet of space between ourselves and our clients.

Yes. All CAMC employees wear masks when appropriate.

Yes. We are sanitizing between visits.

Yes. All communications can be done by phone or email.

Yes. We offer contactless payment.

If you have any questions, please reference our contact information to get in touch.

Quick Answers To Common Questions

Am I allowed in the office during my pet’s visit?

1 person is allowed in the office for appointments with Dr. Steffen.

For technician appointments such as TNT, anal glands, bloodwork, etc., we are kindly asking the pet owner to remain in their vehicles during the visit.

Are pet owners expected to wear a mask?

Yes, even if vaccinated.

Will the staff be wearing masks?


Is curbside service available?

Yes, curbside is always available.  We’ll meet you at your car to bring your pet into our office and bring it right back once the visit is complete.

Should I call your office when I arrive in the parking lot?

Yes.  We have 3 designated parking spots that are numbered so you can let us know which parking spot you are in.

An Important Message From CAMC:

Attention Companion Animal Medical Centre Clients:

As more people become vaccinated each day, we understand that many people are growing increasingly frustrated with continuing mask mandates and strict COVID-19 guidelines.

While we understand the frustration, we’ve made the decision to uphold our COVID-19 guidelines and continue to require masks if you would like to accompany your pet during appointments at Companion Animal Medical Centre going forward. These guidelines will also apply to those who have been vaccinated, and we will not be making exceptions at this time.

Several Companion Animal Medical Centre employees are currently unable to be vaccinated at this time due to personal medical reasons. In order to provide your pets with the best care possible, we must also ensure our staff members remain healthy.

If you are no longer comfortable wearing a mask, our curbside services will continue and you are free to have your pet seen during appointments without accompanying them. As always, the comfort and health of your pets is one of our highest priorities and your pet will be treated with the patience, compassion, and understanding you’ve come to expect from Companion Animal Medical Centre even if you are not comfortable accompanying them.

We do not enjoy separating owners from their pets during appointments, and we understand that not being able to accompany your pets during appointments can be frightening and stressful. This has been a difficult decision, but we ask for your continued patience as we work to keep both our staff members and your pets healthy.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Coronavirus Announcement:
During Your Visit to CAMC Right Now

To be allowed within the facility, the following measures must be taken (no exceptions) or you will need to remain in your vehicle.

Please note: these guidelines also apply to those who have been vaccinated. 

  1. You will be required to wear your own mask over your nose and mouth while you are inside the practice.
  2. You must be maintaining the social distancing rules.
  3. To the best of your knowledge, you must not have been exposed to COVID-19 within a 30 day period before your visit.
  4. After contacting the office to let us know you are here, please remain in your vehicle until we come out for you.
  5. You still have the option to remain in your vehicle during the appointment and continue to receive curbside assistance.

We understand not being able to stay with your pet during their appointment has been very stressful for all parties involved and we are attempting to find a way to balance this while also keeping the staff of CAMC, our clients, and their pets healthy. We apologize for any inconvenience these rules may cause you.

Remember, the health of you, your pets, and my staff is my top priority, and everyone at CAMC thanks you for your patience and understanding!