Companion Animal Medical Centre Forms

Save time by completing forms before your scheduled appointment.

The yellow buttons below with each form’s descriptive name will open a new tab with a PDF where you can view and/or download the form to complete it before your visit.

We have different assessment forms for dogs and cats. Please complete whichever is appropriate for your pet or complete both if you have both! 

Our canine and feline assessment forms are fillable, meaning they can be downloaded and completed via the use of a PDF software such as Acrobat or in a browser such as Chrome. Please include the name of your pet and the time and date of their appointment in the subject line if you are sending your completed assessment forms by email.

We also recommend reading our How To Prepare For Your Pet’s Appointment blog before your visit to CAMC.

We are looking forward to seeing yourself and your pet very soon.

Feline Form Preview

Companion Animal Medical Centre Feline Assessment Form Preview 2022

Canine Form Preview

Companion Animal Medical Centre Canine Assessment Form Preview 2022