Everyone is looking to save a dollar these days and that includes pet owners!

The good news is if you own a cat or dog we have several ways to lower the cost of pet ownership.

We are Companion Animal Medical Centre in Milford, OH.  Dr. Steffen and her staff offer traditional and holistic veterinary services for cats and dogs in the Greater Cincinnati area.

3 Ways To Save Money On Your Pet’s Vet Bill

Let’s go over the 3 ways we save our clients money when it comes to their pet’s health care.  We’ll even through in a bonus tip at the end!

  1. Monthly Promotions
  2. Loyalty Program
  3. Referral Program

Keep reading as the bonus tip reveals how you can find the same pet toys and more you see on Amazon but for half the price!

Monthly Promotions Offer Significant Savings

Each month at Companion Animal Medical Centre comes with a promotion for a certain service we offer.

1/2 off annual exams are just the beginning of the savings with our monthly promos.  Dr. Steffen picks the promo each month and she makes sure each month’s promo is timely and relevant.

For example, April is Heartworm Awareness month, so dogs get a free heartworm screening and cats get a free parasite screening.

View the current pet health care promo.

Only existing clients can take advantage of the monthly promos!  And that brings us to the next way we save our clients money, our loyalty program!

Loyalty Program = Automatic Savings

We like to keep things simple and convenient!  Just like how new and used clients can schedule their appointment online 24/7/365 at their convenience.

The loyalty program is very straightforward; once you’ve made 10 transactions of $50 or more with us, your account gets a $50 credit applied to it. The ‘transactions’ can be in office visits or purchases made from our online pharmacy for pets.

Learn more about our loyalty program.

Referral Program

When you spread the word about Companion Animal Medical Centre to your friends and family, Dr. Steffen says thank you with gift cards!

Your 1st referral gets you a $10 gift card to the place of your choosing and the dollar amount goes up from there for each subsequent referral.

To get credit for the referral, your referral simply needs to let us know you referred them.  They can do this when setting up their appointment or while they are at our office during their appointment.

Learn more about our referral program.

Bonus Tip On How Cat And Dog Owners Can Save Money

When you combine all of our options to lower the cost of pet ownership you can easily save $1,000 per year per pet on pet health care costs.

Our bonus tip may just lead you to other deals as well!

Many of our clients travel from Northern Kentucky to Milford so Dr. Steffen can see their pets.  Bargain Hunt is a newer store located in Erlanger, KY.  You never know what they will or will not have, but you can be certain that whatever they have, they will have a low price on it!  A lot of the time Bargain Hunt has prices half of those on Amazon for the same, new item.

New items arrive at Bargain Hunt several times per week.  If you are located in Northern Kentucky, definitely stop by and see what they have in stock for pet toys, water/food bowls, bedding, leashes/collars, and much more.  If you are located in Southwest Ohio or Southeast Indiana, it’s definitely worth stopping by the next time you swing through Northern Kentucky.

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