Let’s talk water!

At Companion Animal Medical Centre in Milford, OH we are all about happy and healthy pets!  It became hot in the late spring of 2022 and we seem to be in for an even hotter summer.

Let’s talk about how to keep your pets healthy when it is hot outside in regards to drinking water.  Ensuring your pets have access to fresh water is the most important thing.  But, is all water created equal?  Let’s find out!

Pet Water Quality

Water Quality

Tap water contains over 70,000 toxins, carcinogens, etc.

Bottled water contains about 25,000.  Bottled water is filtered before bottling but it doesn’t get everything out and then the plastic from the bottle itself adds impurities.

A typical refrigerator water filter only reduces a small number of impurities so it is not ideal either.

Can dirty water cause health issues in pets?

Yes.  Dirty water can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and illness in cats and dogs.

Serving your pets water right from the tap is probably not going to cause any health issues but there is a chance.

At Companion Animal Medical Centre, we love taking a holistic approach to pet health care.  Let us share with you some filters and other options to remove impurities from water and make it even more beneficial.

Options For Better Water For Your Pets

If you are considering a water filtration system, make sure that it makes highly filtered, highly structured, and molecular hydrogen water.

Le Bleu

Le Bleu is high-quality water that already has many impurities found in tap water removed.  Starting with quality water is more ideal compared to starting with tap water.  Learn more about Le Bleu’s water products.

Berkey Water Filters

We like Big Berkey Water Filters.  They remove Fluoride, Arsenic, and more from the water.

Ionized Water

The benefits of Hydrogen-infused water are numerous.  Ion Bottles quickly transform water into Hydrogen-infused water.  Learn more about Ion Bottles.

Spring Aqua

If you are not constrained by a budget, Spring Aqua has great water treatment systems we highly recommend for home systems.