We’re happy to announce ION Gut Support For Pets is now available for purchase at Companion Animal Medical Centre!

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The Importance of a Healthy Gut

Your pet’s digestive system is one of the most important foundations for their immune system and overall health. The health of their intestinal tract and intestinal biome plays a critical role in keeping the body as a whole healthy.

The primary role of your pet’s digestive system is absorbing nutrients and filtering and expelling waste, but your pet’s digestive system can affect everything from their mental health to their ability to fight off illness.

Without a healthy digestive system, your pet may experience intestinal issues, dehydration, increased rates of food-borne illnesses, skin and coat issues, and low energy levels.

Supporting the health of your pet’s digestive system will lead to a happier and healthier pet.


What is ION Gut Support For Pets?

ION Gut Support is a liquid supplement that can be added to your pet’s water or given to them directly to help support and strengthen their digestive system.

ION Gut is not a probiotic. Instead of introducing new bacteria to your pet’s intestinal microbiome like a probiotic would, ION Gut Support instead focuses on reinforcing and healing the lining of your pet’s intestinal tract to prevent harmful bacteria and environmental toxins from entering your pet’s circulatory system.

A strong stomach lining also helps the good bacteria already in your pet’s intestinal biome flourish.

ION Gut Support is safe for both dogs and cats as it’s all natural and derived from 60 million-year-old soil. In addition to the benefits it provides for your pet’s digestive system, ION Gut Support also provides support for kidney function and immune function.


Buy ION Gut Support For Pets at Companion Animal Medical Centre

If you’d like to support the health of your pet’s digestive system and immune system by adding ION Gut Support to their diet, we’d love to discuss it with you! Schedule an appointment for your pet or call us to discuss if ION Gut Support is the right choice for your dog or cat.

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