At Companion Animal Medical Centre, we’re always striving to offer new and innovative holistic treatment options for your cats and dogs alongside our traditional medical treatment options.

In 2022, we added treatment options such as ozone therapy, and products such as ION Gut Support to our offered services but we’re proud to announce we’ll be adding even more treatment options for your pets in 2023.

Our newest addition to CAMC in 2023 will be the Magnesphere. Companion Animal Medical Centre is only the 4th veterinary hospital in America authorized to use the Magnesphere, making it a truly cutting edge addition to our Cincinnati animal care facility.

A product image of the Magnesphere

What Is The Magnesphere?

The Magnesphere is a new device that creates and uses a magnetic field to stimulate the Vagus nerve.

The Vagus nerve connects to multiple organs in your pet’s body such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, digestive system, and more. The Vagus nerve is also responsible for regulating unconscious bodily responses such as breathing, digestion, heart rate, blood pressure, and immune system responses. It also plays a key part in regulating mood and stress in the body.

During sessions using the Magnesphere, your pet simply sits in the device as the magnetic field is generated around them.

What Are The Benefits of The Magnesphere?

The primary benefit and goal of the Magnesphere is creating a deep sense of relaxation and calm by stimulating the Vagus nerve.

When pets are ill, injured, or anxious, they become stressed and stress affects the health of the entire body and mind.

Chronic and acute stress in dogs and cats may lead to issues such as refusal to eat or groom, fatigue and refusal to play, aggression and hyper reactivity, urinating or defecating in inappropriate places, and self harm in the form of biting or scratching at their skin or coat.

Decreasing stress not only makes your pet calmer and healthier, it can also promote recovery and healing and help your pets entire body function better.

Would The Magnesphere Benefit My Pet?

The Magnesphere is both noninvasive and pain free which makes it a great option for almost any pet that visits Companion Animal Medical Centre.

If your pet is recovering from an injury or illness, dealing with chronic pain, or showing symptoms of stress or anxiety, the Magnesphere could be highly beneficial for them.

If you believe your pet might benefit from the Magnesphere, we’d love to discuss it with you. Schedule your pet’s appointment now to determine the best course of treatment for your pet’s unique needs.