Our Mission and Vision Statements

CAMC strives to be the model of best veterinary practices for what pet ownership and veterinary medicine can be within our community. Below you will find our mission and vision statements.

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Aaron, a member of the CAMC staff, perform a laser therapy treatment on a black lab.

Mission Statement

CAMC’s enduring goal is to lead our veterinary community in animal advocacy as the foremost veterinary practitioners and innovators of standards of care within veterinary medicine, to improve not only the health of companion animals but indirectly, human health.

Our Vision

CAMC works hard to earn your trust. Our well-respected companion animal care facility offers the best possible medical (both traditional and non-traditional), surgical, and emotional care to every patient through attentiveness to all aspects of the client-patient-veterinarian relationship.

All of our staff members offer complete customer service by providing our clients with compassionate, caring education in order to assist them with making the best decisions regarding the health of their pets while in a fear-free environment.

A large white dog sitting in a chair so he can peer out of the window at Companion Animal Medical Centre.

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Companion Animal Medical Centre’s RICH Core Values:


CAMC has mutual respect for each other, our clients, and our patients. We respect the special relationship that each individual shares with his and/or her pet(s).


Integrity is the moral foundation for CAMC. We understand that truth, honesty, dependability, and consistency form the framework for building meaningful relationships with our clients, patients, and each other.


CAMC recognizes the importance of accurate information. We practice open, truthful, and timely communication with our clients and each other. By carefully listening and responding to their concerns, we seek continuous improvement in our services and programs.


CAMC enjoys our occupation and work experiences. We value our clients, patients, and teammates equally. We feel fulfilled, inspired, and supported in our work efforts and ethics.

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