Pet Care Cost

The pet care cost should not impact your pets’ health. We keep our prices low to make it easy for you to provide the best care for your pet.

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Veterinary Service Pricing

We know the cost of your pet health care needs is important to you. We work hard to keep our pricing affordable to all pet owners.

Please understand the pricing shown on this page is to get you an ‘estimated price’ because we simply do not know the details specific to your pet yet!

You do have 0% financing options!

What can affect your pet care cost?

  • The breed of your cat or dog
  • The size of your cat or dog
  • The age of your cat or dog
  • Your pet’s health history

Veterinary Services Pricing

For the best bang for your buck, we recommend hopping on one of our pet care plans. These plans are available for puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, and aging pets. They are all-inclusive when it comes to routine and recommended care for your pets. Plus, you will receive 10% off any additional products or services you may want from our veterinary clinic.

View pet health plan pricing.

Schedule a holistic or functional medicine consultation.

Pet Exam and Consultation Pricing

Complete Physical Exam (20 minutes)


Comprehensive Physical Exam (40 minutes)


Recheck Exam


Pediatric Exam



Second Opinion Exam/Consultation (40 minutes)


Complete Physical Exam With Holistic Consultation (60-80 minutes)


Phone, Email, or Telemedicine Consultation

$59.99 per every 30 minutes


Vaccination Pricing

Pediatric Canine DHLPP (2-3 in series)


Pediatric Canine Bordetella (2 in the series)


Pediatric Canine Influenza, Both Strains (2 in the series)


Pediatric Canine Lyme (2 in the series)


Pediatric Canine Leptospirosis (2 in the series)

$21. 24

Annual Canine Bordetella 


Annual Canine Leptospirosis


Annual Canine Influenza, Both Strains


Annual Canine Lyme


3 Year Canine DHLPP



Pediatric Feline FVRCP (2-3 in the series)


Pediatric Feline Leukemia (2 in the series)


2 Year Feline FVRCP


3 Year Feline FVRCP


1 Year Feline Leukemia


2 Year Feline Leukemia


1 Year Rabies


3 Year Rabies



Laboratory Testing Pricing

Fecal Screening With Giardia


Feline Leukemia/FIV/Heartworm Screening


Canine Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasmosis Screening


Canine Parvo Screening



Complete Urinalysis Screening


Pediatric Bloodwork


Adult Bloodwork


Geriatric Bloodwork



Laser Therapy Pricing

10 Minutes or Less

Single Session


3 Sessions


6 Sessions


12 Sessions


More Than 10 Minutes or Multiple Locations

Single Session


3 Sessions


6 Sessions


12 Sessions


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