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Here at Companion Animal Medical Centre, we know that every pet owner wants the very best for their pets. That is why we offer Pet Health Care Plans. To make caring for your pet affordable!

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Our Care Plans Are Unique & Robust!

That is why Dr. Steffen recommends all owners invest in a preventive pet care plan for their dogs or cats. Our pet care plans offer more than just a discounted price; they’ve been carefully created to ensure your pet is getting the best possible care year-round.

With a pet care plan from Dr. Steffen and Companion Animal Medical Centre, you can rest assured that all your pet’s health care needs are covered with the added bonus of never needing to worry about a surprise bill or unexpected up charge.

We have pet care plans tailor-made for both dogs and cats of all ages and pet owners with a pet care plan for their pets save $750 or more a year!

Dog and Cat Pet Plan Options

We have several types of pet health care plans available to provide the best preventative care for your dog or cat, no matter its age.

Learn more about the pet health care plan that applies to your pet:

A pet health care plan is like health insurance for your pet. It saves you money and ensures your pet receives the care it deserves.

Preventive Pet Care = Long, Healthy Lives For Your Pets

It’s an undeniable fact that preventative medicine is an absolute necessity if you’d like your pet to live a long and healthy life.

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The list of potential health issues that can go undetected until they become serious ailments that require expensive treatments is long and includes everything from cancer to dental disease. Regular exams combined with Dr. Steffen’s years of education and experience can detect these potential issues early, before they can compromise your pet’s health.

The goal of our pet care plans for dogs and cats is to make preventative medicine more accessible for owners regardless of their budget. Exams, dental cleanings, vaccinations, and other services are vital for the health of our pets but can add up fast for our wallets. All of these veterinary services are included within our pet care plans. View our pet health care plan pricing.

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