VIP Care Plan for Aging Dogs

Health care plans for aging dogs are $79.99 per month with a $44.99 one-time activation fee and includes $1,000+ in annual savings! Get the details of what is included below!

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A senior golden retriever

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CAMC’s Care Plan for Aging Dogs

Here is everything you get when you take advantage of our care plans for aging dogs.

  • Complete Physical Examination and a Wellness Physical Examination 6 months later
  • Unlimited additional visits as needed!
  • 12 months of heartworm, flea, & tick prevention (Choose between Simparica Trio  or Proheart 12 injection with Simparica)
  • Complimentary Toenail Trims at each visit
  • 3 yr DHLPP (If needed), Annual Leptospirosis, Annual Bordetella, Annual Influenza Both Strains, 3yr Rabies (If needed)
    – OR –
    Titer Testing for Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus, and Rabies (For Holistic Clients)
  • 10% off Additional Vaccinations: Annual Lyme
  • Thuja and Arnica sent home after each vaccination to prevent possible vaccination reactions
  • Fecal Screening via Centrifugation and Giardia Antigen Testing (Sent out to the Laboratory for accuracy)
  • Intestinal Dewormer (If needed)
  • Heartworm Screening including screening for Lyme, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasmosis (Tick Borne Diseases)
  • Annual Bloodwork (Complete Blood Count, Serum Chemistry 25, Total T4, Complete Urinalysis)
  • 10% Off Additional Bloodwork (That is not mentioned above)
  • 4-6 Extended (Sick) Physical Examinations (40 minutes)
  • Unlimited Follow-Up Examinations/Technician Examinations
  • Consultation on Preventive and Pro-active care for your pet (Both Traditional and Holistic)
  • 30 Minutes of Telemedicine/Email/Phone Consultations per Quarter
  • 10% off on Additional Products (Excludes prescription diets)
  • 25% off Canine Spay or Neuter (If needed)
  • 25% off Canine Dental Prophy/Cleaning (If needed)

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