Pet Insurance

Just like us, our dogs and cats need medical care year-round to stay healthy. We know these costs can add up fast, which is why we created our own version of ‘pet insurance.’

We do not offer or accept pet insurance but want to let you know this is an option available to pet owners.

Learn more about our VIP Pet Care Plans which provide all of the common services dogs and cats need each year for 1 low monthly payment!

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Insure Your Pet for Peace of Mind

Nothing compares to the peace of mind that comes with knowing our dogs and cats are healthy and happy, but the cost of necessary regular exams, vaccinations, screenings, and dental cleanings can add up fast.

While you can have your pet insured through another company, we’ve found that occasionally these plans still have gaps in coverage and force owners to pick and choose what exams and screenings their pet receives.

We want your cat or dog to have everything they need to live a long and full life, and that’s why we created our pet care plans.

A white dog with brown ears sleeping next to a calico cat.

The Benefits of Pet Insurance

Think of our pet care plans like insurance for your pet. You pay a low monthly cost and in return, your pet’s medical needs are covered much like insurance. Except, in this case, your pet’s coverage was carefully designed by a veterinarian with your pet’s best interests in mind.

And as an added bonus, like insurance, we’ve made sure our pet care plans will save you money in the long run.

Pet owners who sign up for our pet care plans save an average of $750 or more each year.

The benefits of pet care plans include:

  • Your pet’s routine medical needs will be covered for an entire year. You’ll never have to worry about the cost of a necessary exam or screening again.
  • Our pet care plans include a discount on all services not included in the plan. In the unfortunate event your pet suffers an emergency, you’ll still be guaranteed to save money while your pet receives the best care possible.
  • Our pet care plans include more than just exams and screenings. Your pet will also be protected from fleas, ticks, and other parasites for an entire year.
  • There’s simply no replacement for preventative care. When your pets are covered by our pet care plans and receiving all the necessary exams and tests, it gives us the best chance possible to stop any issues in their tracks before they grow worse.