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View the pricing of our pet health care plans here and then click through to learn more about the plan that fits your pet.  You can also view current a la carte pet health care rates.

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Affordable Pet Health Care

We strive to make pet health care affordable for all. Below you will see the monthly cost of each of our 6 pet health care plans.

Each plan has a 1-time enrollment fee of $49.99.

Save $750-$1,000 per year by taking advantage of our health care plans as opposed to scheduling each service individually!

You also receive discounts on products and services not included in the plans!

The Cost Of Pet Health Care Plans in Cincinnati

We have affordable pet health care plans available to provide the best preventative care for your dog or cat, no matter its age.

Learn more about the pet health care plan that applies to your pet:

CAMC’s pet health care plans are like health insurance for your pets.

Our plans save you money and ensure your pet receives the care it deserves.

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Senior Dog Care


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