Dog under a blanket with his nose poking out

October 2021’s Parasite Prevention Special

October has arrived and we have a new treat for pet owners looking to save money on vital treatments for their pets!

The days may be growing shorter and the weather may be growing colder, but that doesn’t mean your pet is safe from parasites. Many parasites continue to thrive even as temperatures fall outside.

That’s why for the entire month of October, we’re offering free heartworm screenings for dogs and free fecal screenings for cats during all exams. If you want to make sure your pet is parasite free, now’s the time to book your pet’s appointment!

Free Parasite Screenings For Dogs and Cats

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that parasites lurk everywhere and our pets need regular exams and preventative medication to truly be protected from them.

Even your indoor pet isn’t safe from parasites without preventative measures. Parasites can enter your home simply by catching a ride on the bottom of your shoe.

No matter if you have a dog or a cat, they can greatly benefit from a parasite screening.

Free Heartworm Screenings For Dogs

Free Fecal Screenings For Cats

How Heartworm Spreads Diagram

How Dogs Get Heartworms Explained

How dogs get heartworms is shown in the diagram.  We will add a little more clarity for you.

Working clockwise around the diagram starting at the top:

  1. A mosquito bites an infected dog and heartworm microfilariae are ingested by the mosquito.
  2. Inside the mosquito, heartworm microfilariae quickly mature into larvae.
  3. The infected mosquito bites another dog and transmits the heartworm larvae.
  4. Heartworm larvae enter the bloodstream and migrate to the heart. In the heart, the larvae grow to mature heartworms within 6-8 months.
  5. The mosquito bites an infected dog, and the cycle repeats.

Pet Organ Without Parasites

Dog heart without heartworms

Pet Organ With Parasites

Dog heart with heartworms

Is the parasite screening really free?

Yes. We are offering 100% free parasite screenings for dogs and cats during the month of October with any exam. This means you only pay for the cost of your pet’s exam.

Specifically, we are offering free heartworm screenings for dogs and free fecal/intestinal screenings for cats.

Do I need to bring my cat’s fecal sample in, or will it be collected at CAMC?

If you would like a free fecal screening for your cat during October, you will need to bring in a sample of your cat’s stool.

Why are parasites so dangerous to pets?

Parasites are a much greater risk to small animals like dogs and cats than they are to humans.

Fleas and ticks are the most common parasites. Other common parasites include lice, tapeworms, heartworms, and many more intestinal and other parasites.

Your pet’s immune system is not as effective at fighting off parasites as ours is, leaving them much more vulnerable to experiencing severe complications.

Is my pet’s life at risk from a parasite infestation?

If caught early and treated appropriately, your pet should make a full recovery, but if left untreated, parasite infestations can be fatal to dogs and cats.

This is why we are so adamant about pet owners getting on a pet care plan, so parasites and any other disease or virus can be caught early and treated with little to no consequences.

Is my health at risk if my pet contracts parasites?

Most of the time, pet owners are at no risk of infection by their pet’s parasites. Some parasites cause zoonotic infections which can transfer from an animal to a human.