50% Off Feline Exams

Dr. Steffen and the holistic veterinary team at Companion Animal Medical Centre absolutely love cats!

The 1st Thursday of every month is Feline Friendly Day at our animal hospital, but for December  2023, we’re taking it even further and offering even more great savings for cats and their proud owners with 50% off all feline annual exams. This promotion can be combined with our offer of free feline fecal screenings on Feline Friendly Day for even more savings!

December 2023’s Cat Owner Special

December can be hard on cats. In particular, senior cats may struggle as the weather grows colder. There’s no better time than now for your cat’s annual exam.

This December, CAMC is offering 50% off all feline exams for a total savings of $35.62. If your cat’s exam is held on Feline Friendly Day on December the 7th, they’ll also receive a free feline fecal screening with their exam if you bring a sample in for testing.

Please note, our monthly promotions are only open to pets and pet owners who have previously visited Companion Animal Medical Centre before. This is our way of saying thank you for choosing us to care for your pets!

1/2 Off Your Cat’s Annual Exam This December

Annual exams aren’t optional!

When it comes to keeping our pets healthy and happy for as long as possible, preventative care is an absolute necessity and annual exams are one of the most effective forms of preventative care.

Annual exams allow us to find and treat health complications such as obesity, dental disease, diabetes, vision and joint issues, and inadequate flea and parasite protection early, before they have the chance to become a serious risk to our pet’s health.

Schedule your cat’s vital annual exam now and enjoy 50% off the regular cost of an annual exam.

Cat Relaxing
Grey House Cat

The Benefits of Preventative Care

Unfortunately, cats are very good at concealing illness and pain. 

Without preventative care in the form of annual exams, even the most attentive of pet owners may not realize their cat is experiencing health issues until those health issues become serious and require potentially expensive treatments. 

Regular annual exams can protect the health of your cat and save you money in the long run by detecting health complications before they require lengthy and expensive treatments.