Class IV Therapy Laser

We’ve been able to achieve amazing results using our Class IV Therapy Laser on hundreds of pets in the Greater Cincinnati area, and we’d love for your pet to be next!

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Therapy Laser Treatments For Dogs and Cats

Therapy Laser Treatments target tissue to decrease inflammation, decrease pain, and accelerate healing on a wide variety of conditions, including pre-surgical, post-surgical, acute, and chronic disease states. Therapy Lasers can effectively reduce pain and inflammation associated with a variety of acute and chronic conditions, including everything noted in the graphic above.

We have a Class IV Therapy Laser ready to aid in the healing process of your pet in our Milford, Ohio veterinary office.

Therapy Laser Treatments are $39.99 per treatment or you can buy a package. Our packages include 3 treatments for $112.47, 6 treatments for $209.94, or 12 treatments for $358.88.

A graphic showing all the potential aliments laser therapy could treat on a dog.
A white cat with blue eyes posing with one paw raised.

9 Benefits of Laser Therapy

  1. Laser therapy decreases healing time following surgical procedures or traumatic injuries.
  2. Reduces scar tissue formation and scarring.
  3. Laser therapy can help your pet recover from infection quickly.
  4. Reduces the pain associated with chronic and acute conditions.
  5. Laser therapy is greatly beneficial for aging pets since it can help with arthritis, pain, and boost energy. We often hear things like, “She was just like a puppy again after her treatment!”
  6. It can aid nerve regeneration and nerve function.
  7. Laser therapy isn’t just for serious injuries and infections. It can also treat things like sprains and abnormal posture so your pet can get back to playing fast.
  8. Is your pet anxious? Laser therapy is relaxing and promotes the release of endorphins.
  9. Laser therapy is a totally drug free way to treat pain!

Pain Relief and Faster Healing

It’s a fact that nobody likes to see their pets suffering. When our dogs and cats are in pain, we’re in pain too. Therapy Laser Treatments are a non-invasive, drug-free, and relaxing way to bring your pet immediate relief from both chronic and acute pain or speed up the healing process following a procedure or injury.

A small pug wearing reindeer antlers during ChristmasCompanion Animal Medical Centre uses Class IV Laser Treatments to reduce inflammation, decrease pain, and speed up the healing process of damaged tissue. Laser therapy is highly beneficial for aliments such as degenerative joint disease, fractures, wounds, infections, pre and post-surgical care, and forms of inflammation such as sprains and strains, inflammatory bowel disease, or arthritis.

But best of all, to your pet, a laser therapy treatment feels just like a relaxing massage!

Laser Therapy Pricing

10 Minutes or Less

Single Session


3 Sessions


6 Sessions


12 Sessions


More Than 10 Minutes or Multiple Locations

Single Session


3 Sessions


6 Sessions


12 Sessions


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