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Your pet’s dental care is important to his or her overall well-being.

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Our Approach to Dental Health

We check the teeth and gums at every wellness exam to look for signs of infection, decay, or other dental problems that may be currently affecting your pet. Additionally, you can schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning under general anesthesia. Our staff works with clients to teach them proper tooth brushing techniques for an at-home routine along with other dental preventative products.

9 Facts About Regular Teeth Cleanings

  1. During dental cleanings under general anesthesia, Dr. Gwendolyn Steffen has the chance to thoroughly examine their gums, teeth, and tongue.
  2. Dental problems start minor, but if left untreated they have the potential to cause severe complications, including death.
  3. Periodontal disease is the most common health problem in companion animals, but it’s preventable and treatable if caught early.
  4. Removal of built-up plaque, tarter, and trapped food particles stops bad breath!
  5. Dental disease damages more than your pet’s teeth, it can damage the entirety of the jaw and lead to misaligned and painful chewing.
  6. A dental cleaning is far easier on your budget and on your cats or dogs than dental surgery or treating damage to internal organs.
  7. Did you know dogs have baby teeth just like we do? If your dog’s baby teeth fail to fall out, it can cause serious issues, but baby teeth are quickly noticeable during cleanings.
  8. Dogs and cats are very good at hiding pain. Without regular exams and cleanings, dental issues can easily be missed.
  9. Is your dog a heavy chewer? Does your cat favor crunchy food and treats? Teeth wear down over time, and pets are hard on their teeth. Our cleanings include a fluoride rinse to strengthen teeth so they last longer.

Happy Smiles and Healthy Mouths

Good dental hygiene is as important for cats and dogs as it is for us! Regular dental cleanings and daily brushing will keep your pets grinning and pain-free for many years to come.

Jacob, Dr. Steffen's late nephew spending time with his pit bullCommon dental issues many pets face include tooth decay and loss of teeth, painful chewing that may lead to refusal to eat, inflammation and bleeding of the gums, and periodontal disease. Advanced periodontal disease can cause not only severe pain but also serious health problems for your pets such as heart, liver, and kidney damage. Early detection and treatment can prevent your pets from suffering later.

Our dental cleanings include both hand scaling and ultrasonic scaling, polishing, fluoride treatment, a post-procedure laser therapy treatment, and toenail trim.

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