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Whether you call them vaccinations or pet shots, we provide both core and optional pet vaccinations for dogs and cats.

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Dog Vaccinations

  • Canine Distemper – $38.24
  • Hepatitis
  • Parvovirus
  • Parainfluenza
  • Leptospirosis – $26.55
  • Influenza (Both Strains) – $45.36
  • Bordetella –  $23.48
  • Rabies – $39.27
  • Lyme (Optional) – $51.44

Wondering why all of our pricing isn’t listed? The canine distemper vaccine is a combination shot that protects your dog from distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza!


Cat Vaccinations

  • Panluekopenia – $32.24
  • Rhinotracheitis
  • Calicivirus 
  • Chlamydia
  • Leukemia – $45.23 
  • Rabies –  $39.27

Panluekopenia, rhinotracheitis, and calicivirus vaccinations are administered in a combination shot. The $32.24 pricing covers all three vaccines at once!

Cat Shots Near Me

Vaccination Pricing

Pediatric Canine DHLPP (2-3 in series)


Pediatric Canine Bordetella (2 in the series)


Pediatric Canine Influenza, Both Strains (2 in the series)


Pediatric Canine Lyme (2 in the series)


Pediatric Canine Leptospirosis (2 in the series)


Annual Canine Bordetella


Annual Canine Leptospirosis


Annual Canine Influenza, Both Strains


Annual Canine Lyme


3 Year Canine DHLPP



Pediatric Feline FVRCP (2-3 in the series)


Pediatric Feline Leukemia (2 in the series)


2 Year Feline FVRCP


3 Year Feline FVRCP


1 Year Feline Leukemia


2 Year Feline Leukemia


1 Year Rabies


3 Year Rabies



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9 Facts About Vaccinating Your Pets

  1. Vaccinations are one of the easiest but most effective ways to keep your cats and dogs safe.
  2. They are far less expensive than paying for treatments for diseases that could have been prevented.
  3. Unvaccinated pets can pass on disease not only to other pets but also to their owners.
  4. Both dogs and cats love to engage in hunting behavior if given the chance. Pets can pick up a disease from wildlife.
  5. For KY residents, rabies vaccinations are required by law.
  6. If you plan to board your pet while traveling, they will need their vaccinations.
  7. When a disease mutates and a new strain is born, vaccinations ensure your pet has milder symptoms and easier recovery if they come into contact with the new strain.
  8. Both feline and canine distemper is easily preventable with vaccinations, but in unvaccinated pets, the death rate is over 80%. There is no cure.
  9. Like with humans, vaccinating your pets leads to herd immunity in your community, which in turn protects pets with immune system deficiencies.

For Disease Free Lives

It is an unfortunate fact that our pets are susceptible to many diseases, some of which are incurable and carry very high mortality rates. Vaccinating your pets is one of the easiest ways to protect them from potentially devastating illnesses and untimely death, and is an important aspect to an overall health plan for your pet.

Dr. Gwendolyn Steffen DVM MilfordMany people feel that vaccinating their pets isn’t necessary because diseases are becoming more rare. However, these lower rates of disease are attributable to higher rates of vaccinations. To continue the health of our pets and communities, vaccinations are necessary.

Companion Animal Medical Centre also offers titer testing for owners who want to maintain full protection for their pets without giving them unnecessary vaccinations.

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AAHA Recommended Vaccinations

We follow AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) guidelines for all core and optional pet vaccinations.

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