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Titer Testing For Pets

Companion Animal Medical Centre believes in vaccinating your pets for a long and healthy life, but we are also proud to offer titer testing for your pets to avoid unnecessary vaccinations.

What Is Titer Testing? 

This is a simple blood test that checks the levels of antibodies currently in the bloodstream of your pets. It takes only a small amount of blood and we can then use this information to determine if your pet requires a booster shot or if their vaccinations are still working.

In the simplest of terms, if there’s still a high level of antibodies for a disease in your pet’s bloodstream, they’re still immune. Meanwhile, a low level of antibodies means your pet needs a booster shot to stay protected from disease.

When your pet is given a vaccination, the immune system responds by creating antibodies against the disease. Since different diseases create different antibodies, titer testing is able to determine exactly what booster shots your pets need.

Three vials of blood such as the ones taken during titer testing.

Holistic Care Vs. Regular Vaccinations

Vaccinations often remain effective and active in your pet’s system for longer than they’re believed to. While vaccinations are important for the safety of your pets, they can have side effects for your pets such as allergic reaction, lethargy, fever, hives, vomiting, diarrhea, and low blood pressure.

Pets with existing medical conditions such as cancer are also more prone to adverse side effects. Because of this, some owners seek an alternative to the standard vaccination schedule to lower their pet’s risk of adverse side effects.

Titer testing is used to maintain a healthy balance between vaccinations and not giving pets unnecessary injections while also not sacrificing protection from disease.

Titer Testing Fees

  • Canine Core (Parvo, Distemper) – $85.40
  • Rabies – $224.18
  • Canine Core with Rabies – $286.23
  • Feline Core (Rhinotracheitis, Panleukopenia, Calicivirus) – $160.13

Is Titer Testing Right for My Pet?

The decision between titer testing and vaccinations can be a difficult choice for pet owners, but it is ultimately nobody’s choice but your own.

We are happy to discuss the right choice for your pet with any pet owner, and if you choose to stick to a vaccination schedule, we can happily oblige.

Your pet’s health and continued safety is always our top priority!

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Is Titer Testing an Alternative for All Vaccinations? 


Some vaccinations such as bordetella or kennel cough, canine leptospirosis, and Lyme disease are necessary due to these vaccinations providing only short-term protection.

It is also highly recommended that pets receive regular booster shots for rabies.

Cincinnati Pet Owners: Companion Animal Medical Centre Offers Titer Testing

Dr. Steffen and her holistic veterinary team at Companion Animal Medical Centre located in Milford, OH is known for their dedication to the holistic care of cats and dogs. Titer Testing is very popular in the holistic pet care realm of veterinary care. Talk to the experts at CAMC and let’s schedule your pet’s titer test today.