Happy Halloween!

When you think of the month of October, you probably think of scary movies, jack-o’-lanterns, and trick-or-treating instead of thinking about team-building exercises, practicing communication skills, and strengthening teamwork.

We don’t blame you, but the staff here at Companion Animal Medical Centre is always looking for new and fun ways to strengthen our team and this year we discovered October was the perfect time to practice some unique team-building by visiting haunted houses together!

This year we visited the Wilmington Haunted Hollow Ride as well as three different haunted houses together to not only build our team skills and practice communicating in high stress or frightening environments, but also as a way to have fun together as a team.

Two photos of the staff of Companion Animal Medical Centre visiting a haunted house

Why Practice Team Building At A Haunted House?

At first glance, a haunted house seems like a strange place to work on building team skills and communication, but it’s the perfect opportunity to practice team work in situations that are stressful or frightening.

A ghostly Halloween decoration

Team work and communication are important skills for any line of work, but they’re especially important at CAMC where we must be prepared to work together to treat a frightened pet with compassion or to handle sudden emergencies such as a gravely injured or ill pet.

Being able to quickly and efficiently work together and communicate in a high-stress situation allows us to provide your pets with the best care possible even when they’re injured or lashing out.

It also allows us to work with pet owners who are worried about their pet and to avoid workplace miscommunications and tensions.

Visiting haunted houses together proved that we can work together to handle any situation together – whether that be an injured pet or a haunted train.